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 Aga's Application Form :3

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PostSubject: Aga's Application Form :3   Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:36 pm

Q. What's your name?
A. Aga

Q. What's your IGN? (Main Character)
A. PapiRB

Q. Which country are you from?
A. Philippines

Q. What is your former / previous guilds?
A. Resu Extension -> Vanquish -> Carnage. (They same so, yeah. Smile )

Q. Please post your equipment and status below this question
A. NxRip, Robo Eye, VArmor, Thana, GR Card

Q. How many times do you woe a week? (at least twice a week)
A. Twice on normal weeks. But on breaks I do 3-4.

Q. When do you woe?
A. Prontera, Payon, Alde (No class on Friday), Gef ( breaks)

Q. What other class / jobs can you play?
A. Biochemist

Q. Will you reroll if we ask you to?
A. Yes, for Bio.

Q. Do you use ventrilo? Do you have mic?
A. Yes, but i'm having problems with mic.

Q. Why did you want to join this guild?
A. Me wants to have fun. And the name is pretty catchy for people in Q. Ave. Lol.

Q. Do you need salary? Because to be honest. WE DO NOT GIVE SALARY.
A. Nope, just fun WoE experience. Lol.
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Aga's Application Form :3
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